Thursday, July 31, 2014


The overarching theme of Genevieve Belleveau’s work is best summarized in her mantra “Life is a LARP, let go and let gorgeous”.  By embodying a variety of lifestyles and avatars, Belleveau encourages her audience to feel free to embrace playfullness and enjoy fluidity in persona and expression that may eventually be guided to follow their higher call.  Her current exploration as pseudo-monk and ascete has led her to investigate the botanical arts and its corollaries in BDSM, mysticism and the stratosphere of online networking.  The fractals are traced from the larger network of known universal environments down to the minute details of a fern’s final spore.

In this series Belleveau employs experimental healing methods through the trope of spiritual guru and shaman.  She dabbles in parody while also holding that humor is the most sacred path to healing, positing that our relationship to one another and the natural world can be blown apart, flagellated to death and reassembled into a breathtaking bouquet.  She guides us on a journey in which the viewer-come-participant must trust that whatever the method, the intention to love will prevail.

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